Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

The Advantages of Restoring Your Roof

Is Roof Restoration Worth It?

Roof restoration is worth it. If you want a cheaper way to make your roof better but don’t want a whole new one, restoration is a good choice. It can make your current roof last longer and look nicer for less money than replacing it. Restoration upgrades your roof without the high price tag of a full new one. It’s an affordable way to improve how your roof looks and works so your home stays in good shape.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

Here are some of the biggest advantages of restoring your roof instead of replacing it completely:

Cost savings

Roof restoration costs a fraction compared to a full replacement. On average, a restoration is 50-60% cheaper.

Environmentally friendly

Restoring reuses your existing roof instead of sending it to the landfill. It’s a greener option.

Time savings

A restoration takes days versus weeks for replacement. Less downtime and disruption.

Material savings

Your roof structure remains intact, reducing material costs.

Energy efficiency

Coatings and repairs enhance waterproofing and insulation.

Preserving look

The original design and aesthetics of your roof are maintained.

For many homeowners, the cost savings alone make restoration an appealing choice. You get to revive it at a price significantly less than replacement.

What’s Involved in Roof Restoration?

Restoring a roof involves several important steps done by professional roofers:

  1. Inspection – They will look over the entire roof closely to find any damage or issues.
  2. Repairs – They will fix any parts that are damaged or in poor condition. This helps make sure the roof is sturdy.
  3. Cleaning – The roof surface will be thoroughly cleaned. This preps it for the coating.
  4. Coating – A protective coating will be applied. This seals and waterproofs it.
  5. Finishing – Last touches will be added to complete the restoration.

The focus of restoring a roof is to repair damage, clean deeply, and apply a protective coating. This brings it back to life and helps it last longer. Careful prep work and using high quality coatings are important for good results.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

How Long Does Roof Restoration Take?

One of the perks of roof restoration is it can be completed fairly quickly compared to replacement. For a typical residential home, the restoration process usually takes:

  • Check up: 1-2 hours
  • Repairs: 1-2 days
  • Surface cleaning: 1 day
  • Coating: 1-2 days

Altogether, the typical timeframe ranges from 3-5 days from start to finish. The actual duration depends on factors like the roof’s size, number of repairs needed, and drying time required for the coating.

In contrast, a complete roof tear off and replacement often takes 1-2 weeks. So you gain significant savings with restoration.

What Factors Affect the Cost?

When budgeting, the total cost of roof restoration is affected by:


Larger roofs cost more to coat.

Roof type

Tiled roof vs asphalt shingle vs metal sheet.

Roof condition

More repairs mean a higher price.

Coating type

Premium coatings are pricier.


Labor rates vary regionally.


Multi-story and steep roofs add expenses.

On average, you can expect to pay $3-7 per square foot for restoration. Get quotes from a few local roofing companies to compare pricing. Many also offer financing options.

Why Choose Restoration Over Replacement?

Here are some of the top reasons restoration often beats roof replacement:

  • Cost – As discussed, restoring a roof is significantly cheaper, often 50% or more less than replacing.
  • Convenience – A restoration has much less disruption to your home and daily living.
  • Efficiency – Restoration reuses your existing roof materials instead of disposing.
  • Aesthetics – Your original roof design and style are maintained.
  • Longevity – Proper restoration adds years to your roof.

Unless your roof is extremely damaged or at the absolute end of its lifespan, restoration is typically the smarter route. The cost savings alone make it worth consideration.

How Long Will a Restored Roof Last?

If done properly, a restored roof can last 10-15 years or longer. The longevity depends on:

  • Roof quality – Higher-grade materials last longer.
  • Coating quality – Premium coatings extend the lifespan.
  • Regular maintenance – Annual checks and minor upkeep.
  • Environmental factors – Harsh weather condition wears down roofs.

It’s a good idea to inspect your restored roof each year. Check for any new water damage or wear. Make minor repairs as soon as issues arise. This helps maintain the coatings and waterproofing.

With regular maintenance and care, a restored concrete tile or metal roof can last 15-20 years. Even asphalt shingle roofs can get 10+ extra years. This makes restoration cost-effective compared to replacement.

Can I Do It Myself?

While DIY roof repairs are possible for minor issues, restoration is best left to the professionals. Here’s why you should have a roof restoration company handle it:

  • Experienced with all roof types and coatings to get the best results.
  • Access to professional equipment for repairs, cleaning, and coating.
  • Skilled at safety considerations when working on roofs.
  • Provide manufacturer certifications and warranties.
  • Ensure proper prep, repairs, and application for longevity.

There’s a lot of intricacy involved for a roof restoration process done right. The cost of hiring a roofing contractor is well worth it. They use high-grade commercial materials and have the expertise to extend your roof’s lifespan.

Why Choose Restoration Over Replacement?

The Bottom Line

When your roof starts deteriorating, restoration provides an affordable way to gain extra years before needing full replacement. The process repairs roof damage, deeply cleans, and applies a protective coating to rejuvenate it.

The benefits like lower costs, environmentally friendly, and convenience make restoration an excellent value for homeowners. If your roof is in reasonable shape and not at the total end of its life, restoration is likely the better investment versus replacing it completely.

Does your home need its roof restored? Consult a roofing professional to inspect your roof and advise if restoration is the right solution. With proper application and regular upkeep, a restored roof can last 10-20 more years. Get the most longevity and value with professional roof restoration services.