Roof and Wall Cladding

The QBCC roof and wall cladding contractor license allows qualified tradespeople with proven experience, required qualifications, and financial eligibility to legally install metal roofing, cladding, gutters and downpipes on residential and commercial buildings across Queensland. Applicants must thoroughly demonstrate suitable industry experience, hold necessary qualifications, have sound financial resources, and meet managerial expertise standards.

QBCC Cladding

Australian Business Licence and Information Service

Roof Tiling

The QBCC roof tiling license allows experienced tradespeople who meet qualification, managerial expertise and eligibility requirements to legally install concrete, terracotta and slate roof tiles on residential and commercial buildings across Queensland. Applicants must substantiate industry experience, hold formal qualifications, prove financial adequacy and managerial qualifications.

QBCC Roof Tiling

Australian Business Licence and Information Service


WorkSafe Queensland oversees licensing and registrations for roofing contractors along with other high risk industries, helping ensure appropriate safety policies, procedures and compliance measures are established and followed.

WorkSafe Queensland


Household Resilience Program – Updated 2024

The Household Resilience Program is an Australian Government funded initiative that provides grants up to $20,000 to eligible homeowners in cyclone prone areas of Central and Northern Queensland to improve resilience against severe storms. Administered by the Queensland Government, the program covers 80% of costs to upgrade roofs, doors, windows and other protective measures for homes built before 1984 and located within 50km of the coast from Bundaberg to the NT border. Grants aim to better prepare households, reduce insurance costs and support local contractors. Phase 4 opened in June 2023 with $20 million funding households not previously assisted.

The State of Queensland

Department of Housing and Public Works

Roofing Materials

Bluescope Steel

BlueScope Steel produces the iconic COLORBOND® steel roofing as well as a variety of roofing products and steel building materials used widely across residential and commercial construction.

BlueScope Steel


Monier manufactures leading concrete and terracotta roof tiles along with slate roofing materials used extensively in Australian homes and commercial buildings.


CSR Bradford

CSR Bradford offers a comprehensive range of insulation, sarking and roofing systems for commercial and residential buildings across Australia.

CSR Bradford


Dulux ACRATEX provides durable and flexible waterproof coatings to protect metal roofs and tiles on all types of buildings from housing to highrises.